Why is it so hard ... to make money?

December 30, 2006 2:13pm CST
It is hard. I make money online but not as much as I want. Not enough to quit my day job. At least not yet. I think that the main reason for being so hard is the quantity of SPAM and SCAM out there. When you search the web looking for online work you end up in all sorts of websites that sell e-books and promise you that you'll get 10.000 dollars by doing nothing. IT IS NOT TRUE!!! the only people making money there is the person that is selling the e-book. All you read is a sales pitch meant to trigger something in your brain that will make you buy that e-book. Or worst, that will make you give your credit card number so they can steal you. It happend to me, you can read about it on my forum - see my profile). But if you try to teach people to start an honest internet business, a lot of them give up. Or course, it's the hard way. You don't scam anyone, you don't steal, you just do what you do or what you like and try to gain more and more traffic on your website. It's just like in real life. You can work hard, or you can steal. How makes the big money? The thives or the honest people? Please, take my advice. Don't pay money to make money!!! It's not haw it suppose to work. Of course, there are some good books out there. Hard to find because of all the SCAM but there are some. But there is also a lot of free information out there. (you can find some on my website for free, too) There is not 20$ book that will make you rich. Think about all the people you know that made thousands of dollars overnight? How many do you know? Be honest. So I'm asking you again ? Why is so hard to make money online?
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@InetA1 (69)
• Israel
30 Dec 06
Look, it's hard to make money online beacuse if the website wiil give you lots of money for small things they will lose money beacuse of that you need to fo lots of action to earn no soo much money
• Canada
30 Dec 06
Thanks for the answer. Please read carefully my post. I'm not saying that myLot should pay us more. i understand this business model and I think it is very smart and efficient. I was just talking about the amount of SPAM and SCAM there is out there. I remember the internet 5 years ago. You used to find a lot of interesting websites with information. Now it's all about "by my e-book and tomorrow you'll be rich beyond your dreams" Thanks for your answer anyway.