English SMS for you

January 2, 2007 11:33am CST
What is the meaning of sms? Share my sweetness, search my soul, seek my sweetheart, succeed my smartnss, see my smile.So keep sending sms... Hardest moment is not when u lose somethin n tears come out of your eyes . . . but it is when u lose somethin n still manage to smile... :-) Q.What's life? A.What u make it 2 b. Q.What's happiness? A.What ur heart sees. Q.What's love? A.Precious if true. Q.What's friendship? A.Nothing without u!! Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced..So carry on your attempts to make your own destiny.. To lead a Happy LIFE 3 things r very Essential:To keep Brain as ICE Factory...Tongue as SUGAR Factory...And Heart as WAX Factory . The hardest part of missin frnds isnt their absence,its wen u thnk of all those gud times u hv shared n u ask urself"will those moments ever happen again?" Wats LUV?Those who dnt know,call it RESPONIBLITY. Those who play call it GAME.Those who dont hav it,call it DREAM.Those who undrstnd it call it LIFE! I wil smile with al my heart if u ask. I wil come in ur dreams if u want. I wil understand if u try. But... no need to add 'too' because u r always in my mind. Eyes r two,but vision is one. Ears r two,but sound is one. Legs r two but walk is one. Similarly we r 2 but our FRIENDSHIP is one. Sacrifice is greater than love. Character is greater than beauty. Humanity is greater than wealth. But nothing is greater than friendship....
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