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January 4, 2007 2:40pm CST
Now feverish for how much it pertains the market of the Milan specially on the front of the advanced department. To the hypothesis appeared in the last days with the society interested to Iaquinta and they Erase, a new solution could be represented from Mark Of dark gray of the Monk. The gambler, in fact, could dispute the Champions and would arrive at parameter zero. Evocative instead the hypothesis on the Argentinian of the Barça Saviola. A look to three one hundred sixty degrees to find the just man. The Milan, is not a mystery, chases an attaching for rinfoltire the rose after the likely one disqualifies for doping of Borriello, to support an attack go to mark col contagocce in the first half of the championship. A lot the names drawn near to the rossoneri but no concrete negotiation up to now gotten ahead. And here that next to gamblers of the caliber of they Erase and Iaquinta breaks the tip of an intrigante track that carries to Mark Of dark gray, at present in force to the Monk. The gambler would be appreciated from Ancelotti and not only because from the technical point of view embodies well the features of second point that the Milan is seeking, but also, what importantissima, because can dispute the second phase of Champions League. Although clinging it, former Juve, have the contract in expiration 2008 with the monegaschi, Of dark gray could arrive at parameter zero thanks to an agreement established with the society of the Principato. These everything hypothesis, combined between them, could favor this solution. Quite more difficult it is, instead, the hiring, always hypothesized, of Javier Saviola, shelved from the Barcelona and now longing of to go away after that had been used from Rijkaard with a certain continuance for a short period. The Milan did not still start a true and actual negotiation but is surveying the ground. While for June it goes being depicted itself a sensational hypothesis Emerson, bistrattato from the public of the "Bernabeu" and regretted in order not to have orderly, the past summer, that the interest of the Milan in its comparisons became more concrete. Therefore, three names that added to the previous hypothesis would be able really set afire the market rossonero.
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