can a girl and guy always remain friends

January 7, 2007 11:33pm CST
do u think a girl and guy can only n always remain friends..and never develop any liking or feeling against each other?
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• Philippines
8 Jan 07
I met my bestfriend during my HS years and he's a guy. We started hanging out in school then eventually hanging out in our house everyday during summer time. His parents usually drops him off every morning and picks him up at night... we talk, played computer, hang out on nearby malls but I never did felt this so called "liking" feeling. I like him as a person, as a friend but no more than that. It didn't even occur to my senses the words "what-if".. And everytime he has a girlfriend, he always confides in me and make it a point that he would introduce me to all the girls he dated and make it clear to them that there would be no jealousy that will occur because we are like brothers and sisters. We even slept together one time and nothing happened! Actually, i wondered after several I asked him if he, at some point in time, developed a certain feelings called "likeness" and guess what? we were on the same side of the road! He said that he saw me as his twin sister! So then I came into a conclusion that, even for once, you put a bit of malice to your friendship or started asking the question "what if"... you'd fall in the trap of LOVE to a friend.