Listen this Christian and Muslim!

Meccah - A place where the muslim all over the world meet.
January 10, 2007 4:30am CST
I don't care what ever you want to say... I want to discuss with you about the Holy book (Al-Quran and Bible). For your information, I'm a muslim and I believe 100% to the Al-Quran. Furthermore, Al-Quran never change... everyday, I read Al-Quran and I know the contents... Do you read bible everyday? How many of you read it everyday? I know the answer. NO. So, I'm sure you don't know the content of Bible. If you want to know the truth, read it and don't forget to read Al-Quran too. Another thing... why there are Old Testament and New Testament? If there is New Testament, I'm sure the content had been updated. How great the god to give an updated holy book huh... Remember! Allah is forgiveness.
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