A very tough decision.

@lynn3024 (198)
January 13, 2007 9:40pm CST
a women had siamese twins ajoined at the chests and torsos. they each had a heart but only two lungs between them. if this was you would you have the seperating surgery and risk losing one or both of your babies or would you leave them conjoined not knowing what kind of life they would live.
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• Indonesia
14 Jan 07
I think we must let one of them die. Why? I think it's kind of heavy thing to carry to live with the condition like that. It's natural. If we want to give the best for them ,we must let one of them pass away to give a way for the other to live normally. Can u imagine what kind of life that they will live on if they still together like that? If one of them die, we should pray for it so he/she can go to a better place. and may God give mercy.
@lynn3024 (198)
• Canada
17 Jan 07
What if they could not be seperated but both would live but they would have to be conjoined for life. you wouldn't kill them would you?
@katyzzz (2902)
• Australia
17 Jan 07
Yes I would, it can't be too good living attached to another person
• Singapore
14 Jan 07
In today's advanced medical technology, one should give the twins a chance by separating them so that they'll be able to leave separate lives.