3 golden rule in keeping a man

January 15, 2007 11:05pm CST
last night i was surfing the net when i read an article about relationship, what caught my attention was about the article entitled "How to Keep A Man: 3 Golden rules". According to the article the three basic principles are 1.)Do not nag, 2.)don't try to change him and 3.)give him space. for number 1. women by nature have the infinite capacity to nag. Constant nagging is not going to turn your man into a loving partner instead the opposite, he's going to take one step away from you. for principle 2.lots of women go into a relationship thinking that they can change their men.their is that underlying assumption that once a man enters into a relationship, he will start doing things differently. Wrong! the only question you need to answer is, "do you really like the guy?" if you do, learn to accept him for who he is just as much as he has to accept you for the way you are. by this way you can actually learn to compromise. for principle 3. lots of women feel that they have to be constantly entertained by their partners.if you always have that belief, you might bored him. instead give him space to do what he really like to do whether with friends or him alone.thats also things should go with women, you dont have to abondon everything like your hobbies just because you are in relaitonship. Rejoice your independent self while being part of a couple. there are of course many things to consider in a relationship if this three basic principle is being applied your apt to a good start. I do agree with what the article is trying to say and i will really try to apply this to my current relationship. I hope you can share your thoughts on this article?:)
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• India
13 Jan 09
My woman does all these three, has been doing all these three, yet I am with her. You know why? That is how India is. Once you are married the noose is already around your neck. In India marriage is sacred. You are in a marital relationship because, you were destined to be. If you try to avoid it by taking a divorce or moving away from it, then the incomplete part of it will continue in another lifetime. All these ideas are so much filled into us(esp. Hindus/Sikhs/Jains) that one does not venture to break away from a relationship even though it is as pleasant as hell. People learn all sorts of techniques to live with something that is not pleasant. One among them is to take life as it comes.Another is to look for an iota of goodness even in a hopeless relationship and then amplify it say a 1000 times and live as if that is the whole life. like in Islam young men suffer any ignominy to have the promised 70 virgins, Hindu men and women bank on a better life in another lifetime if only they live through the punishment this time round. You just can't imagine how much GOOD religious conditioning can do to you.
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
18 Jan 07
Well, those are something. I suppose it could work on a man. Thanks for sharing that. I'll try them out and see if it works.
@anoop27 (146)
• India
17 Jan 07
really its nice article and i am agree with u.