Do you believe in practical magic?

January 16, 2007 7:10am CST
Have you ever practiced magic? Did it give results? Do you know anybody who has done it or who has experienced the results on himself?
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• India
25 Feb 07
hello zabrochkaa.....i strongly do beleive in practical magics only,,,and if u are an indian then i can proove you this that magic is really a practical thing which can be possible through and with the help of the ancient manthraas....if u r indian then tell me i will tell u more....
• Brazil
28 Feb 07
unfortunately I am not Indian
• India
3 Mar 07
well zabrochkaa.....i would like to tell you that if u r not an indian then also i can proove you the magic by telling u something about manthras but the thing which may be dificult for u is that is dificult to pronounce and if u can pronounce it properly then i will be happen with you...its strongly recommended that dont pronounce it if u are doing some work then after its pronounciation u will start yawning and get sleepy....ok...try it and tell me its effect.... ''AUM AME HRIM KLIN SHRIM MAHAYOGINI MAHA NIDREN SWAHA'' well its the very strong manthra in sanskrit language and if u read it and chant it twice or thrice then u will definitely start yawning thats challenge.....! tell me sooner after trying it ,,,dont misuse it!!!!
@carlena1 (120)
• United States
6 Mar 07
Never practiced but I am interested. There were some great majic inspired movies out like- The craft, the one with Sandra Bullock, Witches of Eastwick ( ah man I loved that one) seriously- I believe in good and bad spirits so yeah, I'm a believer
@xParanoiax (6999)
• United States
6 Mar 07
I practice magick fairly frequently. It almost always gives yeah, I believe in it. A few of my friends practice as well..and yeah, they get results too lol.
@CanemX (66)
• Brazil
22 Feb 07
I believe in DEIR, if anybody know what it is...
• Germany
16 Jan 07
I have never practiced it. But there are some real magicians like David Copperfield.