No woman, no cry or...???

Bob Marley - Marley in His usual self I guess.
@ilunice (947)
January 17, 2007 8:09am CST
To those of us that are music love, I guess we've all heard of ragae music. If so, then we are very likely to be familiar with Bob Marley and the wailers. He waxed a record several years back with the title displayed above. My question is this: is the tittle correct? If it does, do you all agree with the assertion that " No woman, no cry". (when there is no woman, there will be no cry) There are other variations of the tttle that also applicable: Know woman, Know cry (When you know a woman, then you will now what it means to cry); Know woman, No cry (when you know a woman, the you will never have occassion to cry any more. She wipes your tears off); No woman, know cry (When there is no woman around, weeping and cring persists); and No woman, no cry When there is no woman, now one cries. Everybody is at peace). Which of the varioation would you rather agree with?
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@k73hrx (81)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 07
i think you are missunderstoond with this song. maybe you already know that people from africa sometime mess around with english words. like switch between i and me (old prites yes, they rob i. from redemtion song) and between no and not, like in this song. so, no woman, no cry. no, woman, no cry. i seh (say),o little - o little darling, don't shed no tears no, woman, no cry as you see, he is speaking with a women (his wife, maybe), and tell her not to cry (cry because life is hard in Trench Town). so, the right explanation is: no, woman, dont cry....
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@jend80 (2068)
17 Jan 07
I don't agree with any of them - I used to think he meant No woman, no cry. (when there is no woman, there will be no cry)" but it doesn't - what he's really saying is no don't cry. (as shown by the next line - "Little darling, don't shed no tears"
@kabella50 (309)
• United States
17 Jan 07
for years I have wondered just what that lyric could mean and you really gave me some thoughts that I can thanks for that little jewel you gave and all your answers are beautiful and well thought out,I will have to remember them all.Thanks and God's Blessings