Few people playing with emotions of billions of people.....Is it correct?

January 19, 2007 12:24am CST
Shilpa Shett has taken back her earlier alligation of Racism attack on her by Jade's. Now she say its not like that. Don't you think its money which is working? Isn't this something like that some few people playing with the emotions of innocent people? Is it correct? I think its sheer money which is working and under the pressure of money and loosing the money which Shilpa has to get from the chanel which made her take the alligations back. What do you say? To what extent this is correct that you say something make a huge chaos out of it and then say no it was not like that.
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• India
19 Jan 07
Yes Shilpa is getting bullied more than racist attacks. however, 3 white girls attacking 1 foreign dark beautiful girl.