Indians are obsessed with skin colour

United States
January 19, 2007 2:08pm CST
Indians generally have a dark skin color.The dark color is predominent in South India. But according to them being fair is a God's gift.No girl can easily get married if she has a dark skin.all marriage ads seek fair skinned brides only. even though if she gets married also she is expected to bring a lot of gold and money as dowry for the grooms' family,and also every one is insulting her. Indians generally like fair skinned actresses.but this dont apply for men.even he is very dark he likes to get whiter girl. I cant understand why they illtreat their own people for being black? Is really beauty is skin deep? When a dark skinned girl goes to other countries she is really respected and treated like a girl by others. Why dont these Indian men,bride grooms'relatives understand this?
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• India
10 Feb 07
Hai please dont think everyone in the same manner there are also men who marry black girls. I am also a black guy. I dont think white colour is like a GOD gift. Black is beauty, some say like this.
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