damn it, i'm caught part 2

@ghostbat (156)
January 21, 2007 11:43am CST
Okay so i went and talked to her after what I've heard all of the opinions from everyone and well she didn't take it very well. But she had something to confess as well. Remember the so called parents she was always talking to on the phone when something was about to happen? Well it turns out it wasn't her parents but some other guy. And that she was seeing him behind my back. So turns out we both did something behind each there's back, but now the question remains what should i do now? Please leave me a comment on what to do. Thanks. And if you haven't read the part 1 of this story click on the link below: http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/635635.aspx
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@doncris (637)
• Romania
21 Jan 07
Oh jeez, she should also read my post from part 1. BOTH partners need to stay faithful, not just only one of them!:)) You need to find out, if you want to be together any longer. Cause if you both found happiness elsewhere, than what's the point in continuing?
@snow2007 (170)
• Canada
21 Jan 07
I think that is so low of her to do. Don't feel sorry that you cheated. She did the same thing so i think she is just as bad as you.