Saddam's hanging so inhuman

Saddam Hussein the ex-President of Iraq - Saddam Hussein beside the national flag of Iraq.
@pinker (16)
January 24, 2007 3:20am CST
It was our usual afternoon relaxation when we heard the news about Saddam's hanging.My first reaction, I thank God that those people whom Saddam had killed were now given justice(check this site to know more about Saddam's profile).We then watch CNN as they reported Saddam's death and I saw how they are violating the human rights.The video is so disgusting (to view the complete clips of Saddam's hanging visit we saw the video all my nices were also watching that we have to cover there eyes for them not to see how violent the world has become and how heartless are the people.We know that he is responsible for a lot of killings in Iraq but hanging him is so cruel.Only God can get lives that we have borrowed.Its commiting murder.I guess everybody agrees with me.
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