what did u think that scientist doesn't consider pluto as a planet?

@rowhsi (157)
January 25, 2007 6:22am CST
in my view they thought that in that planet no human can survive so that they don't consider pluto as a planet.
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@ktmpok (611)
• Nepal
25 Jan 07
I think that because it is too far away from us.
@RxONE1 (495)
• United States
25 Jan 07
First Pluto isn't a planet and it is dwarf planet Why we don't say Pluto is plant? Well , Pluto is too small and we can't say it's a moon and it does not have it own way to the sun and for sure and one things i think scientist take it is the mass of Pluto , it just too small and they can't say it a planet thats why i think they say it is dwarf planet And by the way , i am sure scientist didn't take the reason of surviving humen in their mind , because mercury is plant and it's too hot because its near to sun , humen can't live on it! and it's still planet :) anyway that's what i thought about why they didn't considered Pluto as Planet :] And Have a nice day :}