one joke story

January 25, 2007 6:49am CST
one girl went to preacher and confessed her sin girl: father, i have sinned preacher: what did you do,little gir l girl: yesterday i called a man son of bicth preacher:what did he do to you girl:he touched my** preacher: you mean like (he did it girl:(the little girl a little shy from the touch )yes preacher: thats nop reason to call him that girl: but he also took off my clothes pre4acher:you meanlike this (the guy did it again ) girl: ye s, that is what he did preacher:thats still no reason to call hin that girl: but he put you -know -what into my you -know -what preacher:(evil laugh )you mean like this ( and you know what) griol: (after a few minutrd )ugh yeah thats what he did preacher: thata still no reason to call him that girl: but he has AIDS!!!PREACHER:that a son of a ***
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