Are computers an the internet taking over the world. It's scary!!!!

United States
January 25, 2007 9:12am CST
Nowadays you can do everything on computers and over the internet. From purchasing things to transfering things to even your taxes. At first i was exciting when they started online banking and all that stuff, but now i'm a little nervous. You can do anything over the internet. I'm just nervous that peoples lives can be destroyed from info over the internet. There are hackers that can hack into your personal computer and get alot info on you. Tjx the company that owns marshalls and tjmaxx was hacked into recently exposing customers personal info. Everything is being done electronically which is a good thing in some cases because it saves alot of time but I'm just a little scared that with everyones info all over the net that things could get bad. Does this worry anyone!!!
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