Possible For Back to the future to cotinue another episode?

January 27, 2007 12:44am CST
It is possible that Back to the future continue for the part 4? i will like it to make another one, maybe this time will be their children, i do hope Micheal Jax Foxx still cast on it. I heard there is a rumor saying that there will be Part 4 coming out, but Marty will become the scientist who running the time machine.What do you think?
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@Psofimi (54)
• Greece
30 Jan 07
Even if a part 4 will be released, Michael wont play because he has problems with his health.He has parkinson.But you never know
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• Malaysia
31 Jan 07
i know he have that, from the very first time. I think the last movie that he act will be the frightener, and when i know the news that he have a bad health, i think we lose another good actor again.
• United States
1 Mar 07
i think it would be possible to make another one, but i dont think they will. michael fox is really sick and stuff. besides those movies are OLD! i dont think they will make another one, but it would be possible.
@Morticia (419)
21 Feb 07
I watched BTF couple of days ago on SCI-FI, though I have all 3 films on dvd - it allways fascinates me. I watched it God knows how many times till now and I can never get sick of it :\ I would be really happy if they were to make 4th one, but I'm affraid there are small chances :(
• Pakistan
20 Feb 07
BACK TO THE FUTURE(1985) simply an awesome movie consisting of three parts infact my favourite English movie I would be very glad if it continues with it's 4th part but I don't think that it is possible because I have heard that Micheal J.Fox is suffering from a disease I don't remember the name of disease but although he can't act now if the movie continues with different characters I don't think that it would be interesting any more and would gain much fame as the earlier parts and another reason is that they can't continue also because they will have to change the whole story I mean without Doc and Marty.The movie is 22 years old so now making the new part would be completely different concept and with completely different technologies than the previous ones so I think that was the end of an awesome movie BACK TO THE FUTURE.I see the movie repeatingly and every time I enjoy it same as when I first time saw this movie
@nickeeg (74)
2 Feb 07
Personally I think they should leave it as a trilogy. Don't get me wrong, I love the films, and have seen them more times than I care to remember, but there seems to be a fascination these days with being overly reliant on reusing successful ideas until they become stale or unpopular. IMHO, the trilogy is fine as it is, as it comcludes the story for all the main characters.
• United States
1 Feb 07
i really dont think they could have a BTTF part 4, because of michael j. fox's parkison's disease. if they would have a part 4, there would have to be a new marty mcfly. maybe they could make it his son or something, i dont know. plus, they would probably have to find another delorean and everything, and it might be kind of hard to get all the people that were cast in BTTF to come back. i dont know, i mean it would be pretty kool to have a part 4, i just dont see it happening.
@kerijate (377)
• Australia
31 Jan 07
I don't think they will do another. It was pretty much the same story over again 3 times anyway. The first one will always be the best. Everything gets re-made in time, especially if it was successful the first time around - if you wait long enough i'm sure they will rip it! You know all the kids will think it is new & everyone who remembers the original will think it is junk.