Canada The PC Party's Dream of A New America

@PinchMe (193)
January 27, 2007 2:13am CST
Maybe it's just me, but why is the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper so tuned to have his country in parity with the United States? It almost feels like our Sovereignty and security of our homeland is no longer in our hands. We have Swiss cheese for vessels, patched work subs and choppers, hand me down tanks and jets. We're losing notoriety in the North of the Territories, our border is dictated by foreigners, we lost the softwood deal but Harper's still tooting that we won, now our environment goes the way of the people south of the border on a conquest to find oil in sand. All the while the States are never far behind if not directly the cause, of all issues. So what are they up to? Do any of you have any thoughts or feeling on this?
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• Dallas, Texas
27 Jan 07
I am from America but I have always wonered that as well. Why does Canada show America so much love - I always hear the French and Canadians being "dissed" in the media as being weak. From what I read the Canadians played a major roll in WWII as well as the French. I guess that shows how arrogant we Americans are - but it seems like all western culturs are very arrogant! I liked Canada myself. I seems to be a lot less racism in Canada and the people are very friendly! I have a great time everytime I go. There is only one thing that I hate about Canada - It is way to cold!!! You know we bruthas do not like the cold to much!
@PinchMe (193)
• Canada
29 Jan 07
lol Sorry about the cold dude. Tell you what, the next time you're up I'll reach over to the North Pole and turn up the thermostat. (j.k) Thanks for replying. Please don't think I'm an anti-American, I'm just confused over the actions of my country's government currently in office. Yes we are in a weak position compared to a super power like Britan and the United States. We're peace keepers for god sake. We just want everyone to stop the blood shed and talk it out. Put on a darn laser tag vest, go into an arena and duke it out there instead. Where only pride is at stake not life. Being peace loving folks you must understand why the hair at the back of our necks are on edge when we find out that our soldiers unwittingly signed up for more than was in the enrollment forms. We went to Afganistan to train the locals on policing and help rebuild commuinty infrastructure. Now we're spear heading attacks, no longer listening to UN because they are in tumoil but instead we take commands from Nato, who has failed to deliver well needed back up troops to Afganistan. I can go on my friend. But I'll stop there for now. Thanks for your reply. And keep it warm, maybe you can stirr up some hot coals down there my feet is getting a little chilly. ;-D