A woman going down on her knees and asking "Will you marry me"?

Sri Lanka
January 30, 2007 10:01pm CST
This is following my previous discussion - http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/691399.aspx "Is it OK for a girl to make the first move and ask a guy out?" Most of the responses were positive, saying that it iz indeed ok to do so. If so, I ask.... is it also OK for the woman to be the one to propose. But I doubt if this is practiced. If its OK for the woman to initiate in dating, I dont think it would be a problem if she initiates the proposing as well. Refer to the previous discussion and let me know your views on this.
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• Egypt
1 Feb 07
I think this is possible but only when the following is applied: 1.when the woman work instead of the man and bacame the fully responsible for the home 2.when her husband doesn't complain from this. 3.when her husband take care of the childrens 4.when the husband prepare the breakfast and the lunch and the dinner every day. only in this case the woman can do this.
• Sri Lanka
1 Feb 07
LOL, so basically your saying the two should switch roles for this to imply. We shall put some thouhgt into this :D