Discipline in schools

February 2, 2007 7:23am CST
When you were in junior or high school, what type of disicpline did the teacher use? Was it effective? When the teacher told a child to leave the classroom, did it help? Were you ever the student the teacher told to leave the room? How did you feel? How did you feel when you came back into the classroom?
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@missjackie (1328)
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2 Feb 07
Well, we had after school detentions when I was in high school. I had a couple, but I never went to them. But, I've never had a teacher tell me to leave. I was always a good student. :)
• Israel
2 Feb 07
What made the teacher give you a detention? Did it help you to improve your behavior? I had detention once, a girl hit me and knocked the glasses off my face, and uncharistcally I hit her back. I was a quiet girl at the time. I got detention. She got detention. I used the time to write a Shakespeare paper. She used the time to mouth off.
@shundiggs (184)
• Nigeria
2 Feb 07
I was one of the trouble some kid s you could ever come across but one teacher practically changed my life. When i was in Kidergarten my mum was a teacher in my school so i usedto run to her office and hide under her table just so i'd avoid class i continued doing this until my 5th grade. In my 5th grade my teacher got my mates to come and carry me bodily back to class. After that embarrassment i never did that again. back to the teacher that "saved me". I was too lazy to try and study or even do my sums or answer questions and i always used to fight with my elder ones. i remmebr the day it was march 17 1987 20 years ago. i had fought with my brother in the car on the way to school and stained his school uniform with OIl ( he was to pick up an award that morning). My mum was so mad at me ,that she told the teacher to deal with me. My teacher made me kneel at the back of the class reciting "i will respect my seniors" all day that day. I felt really bad it was more the humilation than the pain. My life was never the same and from that day on i alwys finnished top 3 in my form till my college days.. just my little contribution.
• United States
2 Feb 07
I was home schooled so we didnt have detention or anything like that we just got spanked. I think that it should definately be an issue. We need a format so kids know if they are disruptive or disrespectfull that it will ahve consequences. However, I think the bigest thing that should be done is a formal call from the school to the parents as they know best how to handle thier own childs disciplin. I have heard in the last few years of some nasty thing going on in schools as far as punishment and that should definately not happen, maybe a time out room during class where they have to preform a chore or task that is hard or unpleasant, I dont know but something a little more than detention.