What Do You Think Of UK's Imigration Laws?

February 3, 2007 10:52am CST
I think it is a total disaster!!! Since joining the EU the country has gone to pot! There is a minimum of 3 years waiting on the housing list, the highest rate of unemployment, the highest rate of teenage pregnancies and not to mention the state of the hospitals, schools and city streets! The ever rising number of std's and health related illnesses and the daily news papers full of crime... It isn't the country it used to be before the imigration laws were set. What do you think?
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@redfang (969)
27 Jul 07
The biggest mistake this country ever made was joining the eu and obiding by their rules, we opened ourselves up to a torent of never ending imigrants, numerous religons and with them religious terrorist groups, they brought about the introduction of racism, they brought about the changing of our heritage for instance you can no longer say baa baa black sheep it has to be baa baa green sheep or something because teaching kids baa baa black sheep is considered racist and the same for the three little pigs because it offends certain religious groups, the whole country has gone to pot and all because of the eu there's only one cure that i can see and alot of people are swaying to them now B.N.P They have the right ideas, they have the right views on how to save this country and turn it round, if something isn't done soon our governmnt will not be made up of english people it will be made up of various religions and then they will take over england from the inside. We can no longer be proud to be british as we might be seen to be racist then or offending someone i mean come onnnnnnnnnn in our own country give me strength.