If I could ask God one question, what would it be?

February 5, 2007 3:45am CST
There were so many moments I really want to fix in my life if I could. I'm sure, if I did chose the other way, that moment would definitely changed what I am now. When it comes to choice I have made a lot of mistakes. Whenever I confronted to decide something I was afraid if I fail, so I used to delay the decision or let somebody do it instead of me. Even when I had to go to university, I was hesitating where to go among three schools that I had passed. But my mother made me not need to contemplate the problem. She had made a proposal and I followed him. However, when I had started to attend the university it was totally different from what I had thought about university life. There was nothing fun and worthwhile in it and I was devastated. But when I became a sophomore, I met one guy who changed my whole life and I felt why people were saying that "We can't discuss being romantic and passionate without undergoing the university life." I believe he's my soul mate and he will be by my side until we are separated by heaven's will. I don't want to be doubtful of his affection but I'm always dying for confirm his devotion. In this reason if I could ask one thing to God, I would give him this question if he would still seat next to me loving me when I died. If he was not there what's the reason and what happened. If he died after we loved each other sincerely before me, I would thank God. Being left is always a sorrow. If he died earlier than me, he didn't need to suffer from the depression and loneliness and he could die while I was watching him with safe and peace. But there was another reason why he left me, I would ask why and I would plea to God to let me know how to keep him from leaving. And I would make the oath that I would do everything I can do to recover our relationship and last it forever. I believe meeting him among so many people in this world is my destiny and choosing him as my everlasting companion is the best choice I have ever made.
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@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
If I was given the chance to ask god one question I will ask him, Why those he does not made all human equal in everything? If god made man equal then there will be no crime, suffering, pain, jealousy and terrorism.
@yana0806 (565)
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
If i would be given a chance to ask God, i would ask him why he made us so free? that we can do all things we desire! why not made us the way he is, i mean not his being a God, just being good, living with no sin. Why is it that he gave us free will!