How can you make it Wonderful?

February 8, 2007 8:35am CST
I have a routine life , getting up early in the morning, get ready for college, wait for autos or bus and then get into over crowded buses , run to catch those trains putting life at risk, smell those ugly dirty smell of their perspiration and odor, attend the lectures, for 4-5 hours get lunch in hurry attend the practs, do boring programs, and then catch those ugly trains and get home till i reach home its the whole day ended where i could hardly match up with day - to -day life happenings on net or on tv, and eat the food what is prepared and sleep. in that hard projects, practicals submission, and scoldings from all around. How i shall cope up it with? Do your life is such a routine boring job??? i am just fed up with my life, and can't get in to that wonderful dream of my college life which i used to paint in my dreams, How i shall i get it? How you you get it made wonderful or rather u make it pleasant to live in it? Let me your ideas to get all the things happening easily and effortlessly.
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8 Feb 07
it sounds like you need to go out with your friends. I'm sure you could find time on some evenings and weekends to go out and have fun and then I think you will enjoy your life a lot more. It is important to study of course, but you need to have time for fun as well.
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• India
9 Feb 07
thnks for wonderful response