What are the first two things you do when you open your computer?

@ritchel (890)
February 8, 2007 11:57pm CST
When i am infront of the computer the first two things that i do are check my emails and open my blogs to see if there are visitors who drop by their comments or leave messages in my shoutbox. I now claim as a blog addict. How about you? What are the first two things you do when you are infront of the computer? Care to share?
4 responses
@pitstop (6890)
• India
23 Feb 07
First thing I do: Pray that it doesnt crash this time Two: Connect and check my mail!
@ritchel (890)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
Why pray that it doesn't crash this time? Got some problem with your internet connection? What are you using? Dial up? Are you in a wireless or any?
@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
29 Jan 12
Most of the time, the first 2 things I do are the daily activities on two different online earning sites. If I don't do those first, then I usually check my blog for comments and come on this site.
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
13 May 08
The first two things that i am doing now is connecting to the internet and then opening mylot. Nowdays i am very much addicted to mylot and am loving to spend time in it and see my progress in it.
@harxian (671)
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
when i open my computer the things that i do is go to mylot and checked my earnings^^ go to my discussions and checked my yahoo messenger if theres an offline message from my friends