@gotcho0O (1258)
United States
February 9, 2007 2:30pm CST
PBA - Politician, Basketball player, Actor/Actress ( Pulitiko, Basketbolista, Artista ) To be a respected politician, you should be a B.S. Political Science graduate right? So if a basketball player, an artist or even someone who is just a highschool graduate run as a governor, a mayor, senator and whatever it is.. just to be a politician, do you think that degree is still important? For some people, education is essential especially when you're just a regular/average type of person or son/daughter of a politician. The fact that life is unfair enough, people are doing the same thing. Indeed, we have no right to underestimate a not deserving person for that deserving position, but it's obvious, if a political science degree holder can't handle corruption and a not improving environment what more if he's someone who is just popular? What's the sense of having a B.S. Political Science course anyway? So, people, please vote wisely. The hope is in our hands. Put the right person for a deserving position. Many of them are getting interest in politics without even taking the related education for it, that makes me curious, why? What kind of power is that behind politics? Is it all because of money? They want more? I guess if I want to be a president someday, I will just start it step by step popularity not by studying. 1st: audition to be an artist 2nd: be popular 3rd: get rich through my hardwork as a famous person 4th: announce to the public, I'm going to run for this position.. I'm going to be a politician. Gee. What do you think? Just my humble opinion. Peaceout.
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