diet related diabetes

February 9, 2007 10:23pm CST
my uncle has diet controlled diabetes, (i think it is called type 2) . for the most part i understand the diabetes thing but he has days where he dosnt eat because his sugar levels will go up (14-19) and not come down. does any one know why they go up and not come down ? do you have any ideas of what he could eat when this happens to him ? not eating i think will only cause him more trouble but he says that it is better than not being able to get the level back down, he also has high blood pressure. i know if he lost some weight that it would help in both conditions but hes in a catch 22.
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11 Feb 07
Dr. Atkins developed a diet especially for diabetics and people who are overweight. The Atkins diet is very popular in the U.S. and it may just surprise you and your uncle. The diet asks the person control carbohydrates and eat more proteins. Atkins information and products are sold in Australia. Please to go this website for information:
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11 Feb 07
thanks for that, i will let him know
@Dzbfree (94)
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10 Feb 07
Diabetics are told to eat smaller, more frequent meals. If they don't eat, it can actually make their sugar go up because the liver will produce glucose if you don't eat. This is why the first reading before eating in the morning can be high. The best thing to get the sugar down is to eat protein foods and foods with fiber. This slows the release of sugar into your system. Your sugar level should start coming down a couple of hours after you eat (provided that you don't eat something additional). If your uncle is testing his blood within one or two hours of eating, it will be higher, and that is normal. He may be confused about what it should be---if it was 14-19 he would be severely hypoglycemic. A normal person's glucose level is 80-100, and if you are over 125, you are considered diabetic. I am also a diet-controlled diabetic, and I found that losing weight really does help a lot. I would really encourage him to do so.