Social Anxiety Disorder

February 12, 2007 5:35am CST Are many people here aware of what social anxiety disorder is and what effect this has on people? Can you distinguish between a person being socially anxious and a person who has an anxiety disorder? Have you ever heard anyone claim to have this? Do you believe this to be an actual disorder? What are your thoughts?
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@jerrica (12)
• Canada
13 Feb 07
well, i myself have social anxiety. i never used to be like it but it just happened! i dont really fear having to speak in public, but its the fear of hope i get when i have to. And i just cant help it, it just happens, kinda like its a trigger! it really sucks
@adidas7878 (2013)
• United States
12 Feb 07
yea there is a dsiorder of social anixety disorder, i heard alot of about because one of my friend i know have anixety disorder, and she went to see the doctor about it and they tell her there is many different type of disorders. and anixety itself is bad enough, because they can get freak on just about the littlest stuff, it not fun they are scare alot of time, some cant even leave the house. but with medication i think it would help alot.
@AnnaB87 (761)
• United States
12 Feb 07
Yes do believe that there are many phobias that people can suffer from including social anxiety phobias, and I don't think telling someone they do not have a phobia really takes away the phobia either. I also think that some people can overcome these phobias, but it has to be within their own time table, you can not force someone to not be afraid of something especially when they are afraid, Just because it is an irrational fear makes no real differance. Although I can see how social phobias may increase the more someone watches the news.