Are you a hot or cold natured person?

@Carrie26 (1587)
United States
February 14, 2007 1:30pm CST
I am a hot natured person.I am usually hot when my husband is cold.He likes to turn the heat up been then I catch it and turn it back down.I like to just snuggle under the blanket and keep wam that way at night.I get could every once in awhile but that is only because I am sick or just by luck got coldMy sister is cold all the time even in hot weather thatis 70 degrees onlu because I think she has low iron after having her daughter and wont go and get it checked about.I couldnt stand to have a heating blanket because that would make me really hot.I am even get hot in the winter sometimes unless I am outside in cold weather for an extended period.LOL. I like the warm weather in teh summer but I think I like Spring the best because everything is starting out new and turning back to green and diffferent colors and its not too hot or too cold.
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