is it really an expression?

February 14, 2007 2:35pm CST
last month i made a discussion asking if you are a conformist or non conformist? and alot of people said that they are non conformist because they express what they like and not follow any trend or they tend to avoid the mainstream. i have ask alot of people too about this and almost all of them think that they are non conformist jsut simply they are not one of those who go what is "in" or "fad". but after long am i being too serious? anyway, after that discussion it just came to my mind if being a non conformist is really expressing yourself or just another way of conforming? come to think of it, some people who thinks they are non conformist refuse to wear things that are popular and tried more to be different which in return is a way of conforming.. do you get what i mean? do we actually express ourselves if we deviate from what most people do? does conformist or non conformist really exist?
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@tarlsgirl (102)
• United States
14 Feb 07
I believe that they do exist, I mean people in this world are so different, look at twins they make look the same but they act so diffent, it is in everyones nature to follow the trend, whether we want to or not.
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• Philippines
6 Mar 07
you have a good point. but i guess not all those who are different are really trying to express themselves but are just trying to be plane different even if they dont want too. nowadays being different is consider to be cool.
@GardenGerty (95567)
• Marion, Kansas
14 Feb 07
I do not think that nonconformist is as accurate a term any more. The world is filled with more and more individuals. I understand that you are asking if by not conforming we conform to being a non conformist. I think so. I also think that it is not so crucial now as it was when I was a child or teen to be a conformist. I am over fifty years old. Good question.
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@flowerchilde (12520)
• United States
15 Feb 07
Yes, I think there is conformist and nonconformists, but I think you are right that nonconformist can be a trend! And then it's conformist! I guess a real conformist does, or dresses as they like without any considering of what others think or do, but then maybe lots of other people feel that same way and they are all being nonconformist together! Usually, I think many people like to follow the crowd..