Fit in water in your busy schedule

February 16, 2007 1:24am CST
Water is a great cleanser. When consumed in sufficient quantities, it washes off toxins from within your body. Adequate intake of water tones up your skin. It prevents kidney stones and constipation. When you drink water it reduces the chances of colon cancer. Water quenches your thirst and it can even satisfy your hunger. Start today - Make a commitment to start drinking more water today. This is the cheapest diet aid in the world. Just drink more of it. Whenever you want to buy that fizzy drink, stop! Switch to water instead. Drink in-between meals. It prevents you from getting hungry. If you don't want water, substitute it with buttermilk twice a day. Whenever you get hungry, try drinking a glass of buttermilk. It takes away the monotony of plain water and is very nutritious too.
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