Scorched earth

United States
February 16, 2007 1:54am CST
Germany was obliterated in World War II, including a firebombing of Dresden than killed uncountable thousands of people, burning them to a crisp. Japan was hit twice with nuclear weapons and untold thousands perished in a holocaust of unimaginable proportions. And now Islam faces similar doom. It is inevitable. Iraq is but a skirmish. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, there will be unleashed a nuclear exchange that will annihilate Arab nations. Even Mecca could be nuked. It's possible if the irrational Islamists who rule Saudi Arabia continue to use its oil tether and terrorist financial networks to harass the United States. Even the U.S. is kicked out of Iraq, the "victory" will be short-lived. Iran will vaporize Israel first, then we'll have to nuke Tehran, Damascus and Riyadh, in that order. History repeats itself. America will not go down quietly.
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
16 Feb 07
Which is why Iran will not be allowed to build a nuclear weapon. At the first sight of a nuclear plant in Iran... the US will attack and invade. We simply cannot afford to have Iran building nuclear weapons. Iran is a terrorist country. And to the thousand of brainless teenagers out there who says... "If the US can have nuclear weapons... everybody else should be allowed to have nuclear weapons." I say to them "Go back and play with your superman doll... because that is about the extent of what you know. Besides that... there is a prediction out there... that Iran will invade Europe and nuke Switzerland by 2040. So don't be surprise if the brainless teenagers win this argument. But they better remember that their very own lives are at stake as they will be 40 or 50 by 2040.