ur funniest moment till now ?????

February 16, 2007 4:54pm CST
well i had a lot in life, but still some of them r very funny and i cant ever forget them..I was in standard 9th , and those were the days of march the exams were on the head and it was the revision week goinn on for us. as i m from India , a festival known as HOLI falls in march,, a festival full of colours, and as it was not allowed to put colours on anyone in the school and the girls of my class were scared to play colours with us on the festive day. so me and my friend put some colours on the wings of the fan in the lunch time,,,, and the next lecture we asked the teacher to put on the fan,,, and my god..............after 5 minutes the whole class was full of colours, and as our school uniform was white shirts and white bottoms,,,,,,, it was really a pleasure to see everyone in colours,,, ha ha ha ha ha ,,,, i still cant stop laughing at the face a few gals made after the incident and while a few gals were crying me and my friend were trying to somehow control the laugh for the fear of getting caught,,,,,, but we dint got caught ,,,,,,,and to add more to it the next day the whole class was on knees in basketball court, as no one took responsibility for the incident....... ha ha ha ha ha ha , wat was ur funniest moment in life,,,,,, please share it .
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