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February 17, 2007 12:24am CST
I’m at least equally suspicious of any supreme court candidate who claims to be entirely rational.That sounds a bit more pretentious than outwardly claiming to “believe in ghosts,” as you say,and then promise, however sincerely, to try to keep that irrational faculty in check. I just haven’t met anyone who seems truly and entirely rational to me, not even close.I feel a lot more comfortable to just havea better-defined hunch on where someone’s coming from, and the Christian thing, for what it’s worth, in definition, has been in development for a good while. Other myths are far more slippery, such that your first guessabout one where a person may go with the assertion,“I’m a wiccan (spelling), vegan-blah-blah, just leaves a lot more hanging in limbo, uncertainty. I’ve listened to so many in coffee shops, and can never guess just where they might go, as neither can they, so it seems.
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• India
17 Feb 07
my frend it seems that u hve got philosophical mind, its really tough to understand ur post as a common people like me .it is said tht we should communicate as simple as possible to understand among us!!!what u exactly want to tell us fren?? i believe tht as long as we r human beings there shouldnt b any rational descriminations n we shouldnt intrupt omeones will!!!!!1