I was so afraid to go home. I was going home and saw a situation

United States
February 21, 2007 7:57pm CST
This young black boy and his friend. Were out side of walmart. They were knocking around this white boy. I mean my heart was terrified. I saw the b boy with a bike handle in his handle. The w boy was screaming give me back my bike. Now I was like oh my freaking god. The boy hit the w boy in the head. The other boy grabbed him from behind. I had already whispered to by daughter to get a cop. Now I sat down and at least thought I can't leave him like this. The w boy swung back and was looking at me screaming he got my phone. I felt so bad,the boy was being attacked for his bike and phone. I also got so freaking pissed at the other people. Doing nothing... I ran in walmart screaming police this boy is being robbed. Banging on the security door and all. Now I get outside the w boy gets on his bike and rides away. The police are calling him. He sees the other 20 b people who had jumped out of the car. nowthe car pulls up to me,the driver is staring in my face. I turn my head and go into the store. The others ran thru walmart,around the left of walmart,and around the right of walmart. You know they went to cut the darn boy off. But I was pissing on my self with fear of these losers. I also could not stop the tears. Ihad to walk a head of my daughter to keep them from seeing her face. she is calling me and I am on my way to falling out in tears. The police are riding by slowly looking for the guys. We said hello softly because 2 of the were on my left of the road. I sw a dark patch of block. I ran through it and through the library. I had to run way out of my way just to get home safe. Now here is the problem. One kid my daughter spotted go to her same school. Now I am terrified of this gang. People don't like me around here and call us cracker lovers. So I have to be worried.
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@lauriefnp (5112)
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23 Feb 07
I'm sorry that you had to witness this. It must have been frightening. I get so angry at this type of thing, and I admire you for doing the right thing and getting this poor boy some help. It's not a matter of "taking sides" or one race against the other. It's about helping another human being who was in danger and who could have been seriously hurt. You did the right thing. It sounds as if there is a bit of reverse discrimination going on in your neighborhood, which is just as hard to deal with as discrimination against minorities. You are being put in a position where you feel threatened if you don't "go along with" the thinking of these people; you are being made to be afraid to do the humane thing. I know that this must be a tough situation to deal with, but you are teaching your daughter the right thing by setting a good example. Just be aware of your own safety and avoid being in a situation where you are alone and might run into these hoodlums. Is there any chance that you could move to another town? It sounds drastic, but it might help your peace of mind.
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24 Feb 07
You sound like you know me well. You would not believe I just saw him on my corner. I can't move right now. Yes in deed I am moving. I feel so bad going to my front door. I have not been to the gym since. Being that I be on a really dark road every night. Thanks for truly understanding.