home and garden television craft shows

@indywahm (808)
United States
February 22, 2007 11:15am CST
They changed the lineup on home and garden channel again and now during the morning they are not showing the craft shows that I loved anymore. I wonder why they did that??? Now I have nothing to watch in the morning and get ideas from . I got a ton of ideas from them shows that I made quite a bit of money from!! Oh well.
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@CatEyes (2449)
• United States
26 Feb 07
They are probrobly targeting a certain type of viewer and figure they will get better ratings with the new change. That is usualy the case, that or they have a new set of shows they want to launch.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
24 Feb 07
I use to watch Carol Duvall in the AM. I am no longer working at home, and have not had time to keep up with the line up. I was off one day, and they had that's clever and another craft show around noon. The use to have thats clever prior around 6PM. I guess you have to tape or Tivo your favorite programs.
@nancygibson (3737)
• France
22 Feb 07
Treat it as an opportunity, you have loads of ideas that you know make money, so use the time you would have spent sat down watching new ideas to perfect the ones that are already working well fo you. If you had an hour every day on one craft a week imagine what you could achieve!
• United States
22 Feb 07
I feel exactly the same those shows in the morning always got my creative juices flowing. Plus they came on early enough that the kids were still sleeping. So I could actually watch them without "hey mom" every five minutes. There is no way I can watch them in the afternoon now. I guess I had better look into to TiVo LOL!!
@brimia (6584)
• United States
22 Feb 07
My mom just mentioned this to me yesterday. She used to watch a knitting/crocheting show that's not on now. So we went and looked at books for ideas and she ended up buying one that had projects and patterns to get her going.
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
22 Feb 07
Change is good. Now in the morning you can do other things and become better at whatever you choose. Perhaps it is on in the afternoon and you can change your afternoon schedule now to. While you are at it maybe the evening schedule can not change. Oh my, what a day. lol Hope you find ways to keep the creative juices flowing.