i love watching scary movies... how about you?

United States
February 22, 2007 9:46pm CST
I really enjoyed watching scary movies eventhough sometimes it gives me a nightmare during my sleep, it sounds kinda silly but I love it... its funny because everytime I watched one of those, I was really scared to death but I can't help it, there's something about it that you just want to watch it over and over again, even if sometimes it gives you creep... have you ever had a nightmare or a bad dream after watching a scary movie?
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• United States
17 Mar 07
scary movies are the only types of movies I really watch..I love them!! I have had a few bad dreams because of a few movies, but that really didn't stop me from watching scary movies..
@chardyme (1633)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
i dont like watching scary movies alone, i like to watch it with someone.
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
I also love watching scary movies, especially if it is a Korean movie, because they have different sound effects and artistry directed movies. I'm felt a little scared, but I know that it is just the power of imagination and it is not true.
• China
7 Mar 07
yeah me too..love watching scary movies
• United States
23 Feb 07
Oh I love watching scary movies too. Being scared for some reason has a good but weird feeling to it. I also like going to haunted houses around halloween time. But I do sometimes get nightmares when I watch those kinds of movies. It makes me scared to be home alone sometimes because of all the things that happen! My family just thinks its hilarious too because I go through the house in the dark and turn on every single light in every room I walk in because I'm afraid something will just jump out at me! The "after affects" aren't great, but I just love watching the movies lol.