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February 26, 2007 4:29pm CST
I was going through my favorite family pictures (to upload on here) and I was noticing how dark my skin is compared to everyone else’s in my family. My mother is Mulatto, half black half white, my father is black, So That is why I figure I am darker than my mother and the same color as my father. However, my Aunt (moms sister) is also Mulatto, she is very pale and her kids look Caucasian, her husband is as black as black can be- Her daughter married an Italian man and the son looks black in his features to me. Genes are very interesting and confusing. I just wished I had lighter skin, if I go in the sun I will get very dark, so I put on 50 sun block when I jog and spend anytime out doors. Has anyone studied genes and know why they are so strange, I have been told a black baby can be born to a white mother and father that had only one black person in the family over 100 years ago when there were slaves! Is this true?
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@KaMlBob (786)
• United States
28 Feb 07
Genes are strange things, everyone in my family has bushy eyebrows and has to pluck them. I have thin eyebrows like noone in my family and never have to pluck them and no one knows where they came from, a gene from long lost relatives I guess!
@mizcheekz (178)
• United States
1 Mar 07
Genes definitely are very weird. No one really knows the rhyme or reason, even though many scientists claim to have the solution. I think about that with my kids though. I am white and my husband is black. We have boy/girl twins. My daughter is darker than my son. My daughter has curly hair and my son's hair is bone straight! I call him my little white boy. haha It's interesting how they came out being from the same set of parents. And then my husband is like 6'4" and his parents are 5'4" and 5'6", respectively. Go figure! I can't wait to see how my kids grow and how their skin color is and if they get daddy's height or grandparents height. Also I wonder what their kids will look like. I think it would be a riot if my son married a white woman and had black kids. lol