embarassing moments

@mrddln (458)
March 2, 2007 7:59pm CST
What is your most embarassing moment? How come?
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@lextoper (573)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
My most embarrassing moment is, when my girl invited me for a dinner on our way home from school and i only have 50 pesos on my pocket just enough for our fare back and fort. She insisted to eat, and notice me blushing in frustration knowing that i don't have money. She takes the order for us and pays for it. I was still courting her that time. I could never forget that day.
@mrddln (458)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
Very embarrassing.
@racsface (122)
• Malaysia
8 Nov 07
next time you better save some money when go out for a date. just in case if u have to spend on something unexpected thing like ur case.
• China
12 Oct 07
It was the first year of my college life. As I was one of the few boys in our village who passed the national college exams, I was highly thought of. Wherever I went, local people treat me nicely. One evening, I went to visit one of my uncles. I statyed at his house for about an hour. Then I stood up,bade goodbye to him, and got ready to leave. My uncle also stood up and followed me when I walked out. In my hometown, when a guest leaves, the host is supposed to escort the guest to the gate as a show of politeness. But he is my uncle, he doesn't need to do this. And this made me feel overwhelmed by his favor. I said to him, "Just stay where you are, uncle. No need to see me off". "Ok, just keep going",answered my uncle without stopping his foot.So once again I asked him to leave me alone. He still answered, "Ok,just keep going", with no signs of stoping walking. For the third time,I asked him not to bother to accompany me to the gate. This time, he answered, "I've got to latch the gate for the sake of safety."
@mypchere (582)
• Indonesia
3 Mar 07
my embrassing moment is ofcourse to waiting, waiting for someone or something that is not certain. i have wait for long time for someone, and he/she didn't come yet. and i think it would be the embrassing moment for everyone. i think you also have feel this