Wallpaper Fans....

@kathy77 (7488)
March 7, 2007 4:51pm CST
Wallpaper Fans.... Everyone knows how to fold a fan...pick a depth you want the folds and fold back and forth. Mark lightly with a pencil if necessary, can use a ruler or edge of a table to make a crisp fold. I use leftover wallpaper/wallpaper samples in a color that matches the room or colors, you can use a length 3 times longer for a round one. Just put a paper clasp thru the end or staple or glue. You can put lace on the top/outside edge if you like. Where you fasten the bottom/center, you can put a covered button, a piece of yarn with tassels on the end (like the ones that hold back curtains). Even leather and feathers, just use your imagination to make it blend with your room. Hang with your favorite type hanger on the back.
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