Hitler wine under the hammer

@bljl520 (148)
March 9, 2007 4:35am CST
A rare bottle of Nazi wine with a label bearing a photograph of Hitler and handed out to senior German officers during the Second World War is expected to fetch £500 at auction. The unopened bottle of red Fuhrerwein dates back to 1943 when it would have been presented to a high-flying Nazi general to mark Hitler's 54th birthday. A label around the bottle, a 12 per cent Schwarzer Tafelwein, features a photograph of Hitler dressed smartly in suit and tie. It was recently discovered in the back of a garage an France and goes for auction in Plymouth, Devon, tomorrow. The neck of the bottle has a smaller label of an eagle on top of a swastika. It is sealed but because of its age is not deemed suitable for consumption. Paul Keen, the auctioneer, said the find was "extremely rare", adding: "I have never seen or heard about anything like this in 20 years as an auctioneer."
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