Is our conscience the voice of God?!

March 9, 2007 8:56am CST
Taking the dictionary definition of conscience. It means: The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong. Are the unquestionably morally right things set by God?! Because people tend to follow it because of Him. (and avoid things that are morally wrong). Does that mean that conscience is the voice of God in us?! constantly telling us what we did was wrong or annoys us in our conscious thoughts having not done something?!
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• India
9 Mar 07
i do think that our conscience is the voice of god coz i believe that god resides in every human being n helps us to take our decisions through our conscience............. he guides us to undergo the righteous path!!! just follow ur conscience n u never would be wrong trust me
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9 Mar 07
yea true! you can never go wrong with that. I was just curious about this though because today we had a debate about this in our philosopy class.