The right way to have a relation..

@Ciuffo (69)
March 11, 2007 6:42am CST
Ok..I always had "short" relationship with girls in my life. The best one was quite 1 year and anyone can help me in this way? What I'm try to say is that if there a way or roles i've to follow to have a strong relation..
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• Canada
11 Mar 07
A lot of people say that when you're friends first it doesn't work well for a relationship, because if the relationshp doesn't work out, you've lost a friend. In my case, he and I became friend AS we fell in love with eachother, and promised eachother that if things dind't work out we would always remain friends. We were honest and up-front with eachother from the very start, and had no secrets. That really took the pressure off of us, and we realized just how well we work together. No lies, no secrets, no hidden expectations, we we able to be ourselves.
@Ciuffo (69)
• Italy
11 Mar 07
ok...thank you
@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
There are some things to remember... 1. Let her realize her worth at all times. sometimes it so happens that when you're used with each others presence... you failed to tell her how you value her in your life. Show all the love that you can give. 2. Remember to say "i love you" once in a while. remember that the main reason you're into that relationship is because of love. So its important to let her hear those words. 3. do not be so insensitive. there are times that guys are insensitive when it comes to womans feelings. Most of the woman if not all... are high sensitive when it comes to our feelings. 4. respect her. If there would be someone who will be the first one expected to respect her... then my friend its you. respect what she believes even if its contrary to your beliefs. but it doesnt mean that you should follow her. just let her know you respect her. 5. Be faithful. well I guess that is one main foundation of a good relationship. You should be worthy of her trust. 6. Be yourself. you dont have to pretend to be somebody... just be yourself.