Polling : can be boyfriend trusted?? yes or not

March 15, 2007 10:09pm CST
a Couple days ago i'm listening this topic at Radio in jakarta, by the way i don't 100% trust with my boyfriend, i don't like his habit and behavior..
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@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
27 Jun 09
Hi jasmin! It depends on who your boyfriend is. You should not easily trust guys, because nowadays, most guys have more than one girl. You should pick the one who treated you like a princess and never hurt your feelings. If you are not satisfied with your boyfriend's attitude or personality, you better break up with him and find the one who is worthy of your love. You are a pretty girl and you deserved to be treated like a princess. Always take care! Happy myLotting!
@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
I really couldn't blame you. Your boyfriend's actions speak for himself. He could be a playboy right? Guys like that are usually hard to trust. You may want to break up with him before he will hurt you so bad. I think if he really love you then he should be doing the things that will make you happy and that will you feel confident about him.
@lextoper (573)
• Philippines
12 Apr 07
I don't understand girls sometimes... He is your boyfriend but then you don't trust him or don't even like his habit and behavior? why did you came up with a relationship with him if you are against his habits and behavior? It serves as a lesson that, before you make a commitment to someone, be sure to know him/her first so that in a long run, their will be no one to blame but you. If i were you, talk to him and tell him what you don't like about him and if he get mad and don't want to change his bad attitude, go for a break up.
@swlbilly (34)
• Malaysia
17 Mar 07
cant fully trusted..especially for girls..boys are cheater..somehow..but gals might be the cheater as well..hehe..like me..lolz..
• Malaysia
17 Mar 07
yes u can trusted a boyfriend but no 100% maybe maximum u can trust a boyfriend is at 70% because nowadays all people lie.people even lie to their parent and it show that even boyfriend can lie to their girlfriend and the other way around..