Being forced to lie to yourself.

United States
March 16, 2007 6:44am CST
Have you ever been asked to lie? Would you lie to yourself? I was asked to lie to the authorities. I was asked to plead guilty to something that I didn't say or do. How would you respond to lying to others in a very public way? Would you accept the actions of others as your own guilt to protect other people from becomming the victims of another persons lie? Would you claim to be depressed and take medications as a result of another person's lie? Isn't it wonderful that drugs can be pushed by psychologists and the administration for people that become victims of crimes. Poor Patrick Kennedy born into the world with a silver spoon, and now selling lies to our American society. Selling faulty mental health as the cure to our nations woes, what garbage... People are responsible for their actions, and the first step is owning what you have done, but the most crucial point is not passing off a lie to people that are innocent and haven't done anything wrong. There are bullies, There are innocent people, We need to know who is the lying bully and who is the innocent victim. How can you know if you don't review all of the testimony? The lie stands out bodly, almost as though it is highlighted because the lie contradicts reality and the truth. Keep your mind focussed upon reality. Religion text are written in a fantasy form, the truth is a testimony that includes real facts that can be recreated like a moving picture, from a specific point in time to the completion of a story. Know the truth... Love the truth, written in word.
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@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
16 Mar 07
Lying is not taking responsibility for your actions. and that in my eyes is wrong, We need to hold every one accountable for their actions,There also has to be a way that would be effective in punishing these people, There are not enough jails to hold them, My thought is that their sentence be years of service to the community at a minimum wage.So those that cheat, steal, and harm others should be the ones that have to do the hardest and most menial jobs for minimum pay. There are a few politicians that I know would be very good street sweepers and park bathrooms cleaners, as they spread enough of their own form of sh//t around. Maybe we should start petitions to make this happen
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