Is this really wrong?

March 18, 2007 5:18am CST
A 15-year-old boy tells a 12-year-old girl he loves her, Then he kisses her. Like 20 times. Then emails her through MySpace saying he dosn't want to see her any more because he's decided not to break up with his 16-year-old girlfriend and because he got found out by some of his friends. Is it just me or is that really wrong and sick?
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18 Mar 07
I think that is young love! And hormones. A few years ago I would have agreed with you. But seeing the way twelve year old girls look and act these days... with regards to the age difference... if I can't tell a twelve year old from a fifteen year old, what chance does a fifteen year old lad have? I think he made the right decision in not becoming anymore involved with her!
18 Mar 07
He knew i was 12.
@lilaclady (28240)
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18 Mar 07
Gee 12 years of age is starting young, I think it is so sad that someone so young is already geting mixed up with problems of the heart....