lesbians & gays

March 19, 2007 12:59am CST
Why do you think there are lesbians and gays when God only made a man and a woman?
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@god_spear (498)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
Its hard to answer tha, but yes it is in the bible that God dont want people to live like that. He said that a woman was created for a man and not for also a woman, liewise a man is for a woman not for also a man. Maybe because the society accepted them since some thought that thre is nothing wrong with it, they thought that people like them are not doing something bad, but god said it is not right. Gays and lesbians should think it over and over again adn they should ask god for guidance. I remember a gay who was once really doing like a woman, then after a month he has become a true man, macho he said he tried to be man and he done it.
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• Philippines
18 Nov 08
it could be that he realized something. but every individual has its own differences. the most important thing is not to judge them for they are human being as well that have emotions.
@Stringbean (1273)
• United States
19 Mar 07
Lesbians and gays ARE men and women. I know what you mean though. Homosexuality is a sin and this is pointed out in a number of places in the Bible. Men and women who engage in this behavior are sinning. They can argue all they want about it, but that's what the word of God says so that's what I believe.
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• Philippines
20 Mar 07
i understand your point...but i guess you didnt really answer my question.
@savmot (261)
10 Sep 08
I don't understand the question. God made man and woman. gays and lesbians are men and women.... Don't suppose it really matters why anyway. One theory is that it's a form of population control, which makes sense. It's been noted in animals when a species becomes overpopulated in certain areas.
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@miyounus (35)
• Pakistan
22 Mar 07
I feel its really easy to share ur thinking with same gender. male to male and female to female. But while talking to opposite gender we are very concious and try to be reserve and the feelings left unexpressed. may be this is the reason to produce lesbians and gays
@gkainth (279)
• India
19 Mar 07
i dont know
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