Psychological Health

@2timothy (794)
March 19, 2007 6:27am CST
To save the soul-life is to please the self by allowing the soul to have its enjoyment and not to suffer (mark 8:35-38). The following sixteen points can serve as a psychological check of how much we seek our own soulish pleasure and enjoyment. Give yourself a point for every point you are guilty with. (1) Not forgiving others (2) Enjoying seeing others get hurt (3) Nurturing our own wounds (4) Remaining sulky or sad (5) Winning arguments (6) Feeling superior to others (7) Indulging in self-glorification (8) Having a sense of perfection (9) Being overly concerned for ourselves (10) Wanting to be left alone (11) Practicing self-vindication or trying to show others that we are right (12) Practicing self-justification or trying to justify ourselves (13) Being contrary in all things just to demonstrate that we are different (14) Wanting people to know our achievements (15) Being fastidious, that is, a perfectionist (16) Craving others' love By considering these items, we can realize how unhealthy we are psychologically. (from Ministry magazine, LSM) What's your score, and which point are you most guilty with?
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