what is the end of the MATRIX

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March 22, 2007 10:06am CST
what is said at the climax of the MATRIX III.....i couldn't get it
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26 Mar 07
everything that has a beginning has an end...it basically means that neither neo or agent smith can win in a fight since they both are equal, the only difference is that they r opposites, lets say neo stands for purity while agent smith stands for negativity this may help. Smith is basically coppying himself and taking over the matrix this is alot like a virus on the computer...when smith takes over neo he has no purpose...his desire his ambition was to beat neo he did that now he has nothing left no reason to exisit. Neo is jacked into the matrix via the machine they use neo to send something like an anti virus to completely delete neo...the reason why the machines take neo in the end is because he holds the code to refresh the matrix, without that code the matrix cannot be refreshed...once the code is extracted the matrix is refreshed like the ending shows. Wow thats long, hope it helps.
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7 Jun 07
I feel it was more of an anticlimax. The movie Matrix was great and when Matrix Reloaded came, everyone was very excited, but it was a big disappointment. Matrix Revolutions continued it further. I feel that Matrix II and III were originally shot as one movie and later the producers decided to show them separately.