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March 23, 2007 4:56pm CST
Hey there, this is my first thread on this site.... bare with me. I'm trying to move to the USA legally. I am employed and have been since I was 11 years old. Originally I had wanted to move there and not HAVE to get married to do this. But after having reviewed my options, I either need to be a stellar smart person in a specialized field of work, get married to an American, have a couple hundred K in the bank, or my other option would be to swim and hope I never get caught (joking). Didn't we all come from immigrants at one time? Humans have travelled and moved and migrated, why are there so many rules and regulations these days? Yes, there are bad people out there, but rules and regulations are stopping a lot of good honest people from moving. I am not bashing America, please do not think that. I guess the same could be said about other countries and their immigration policies. I truly think that it is silly. I mean BAD people are going to go where they want to go and rules aren't going to stop them. It's just extremely frustrating for me is all. Does anyone have suggestions or stories of how they immigrated to a country legally?
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• United States
23 Mar 07
There are several things you could do. It depends on where you're from as to whether or not you'll be allowed in the country. I would suggest applying for a visiting or work permit.. going that route. It would be alot less illegal than swimming to shore :) You're right - the only natural americans are the Indians who were already there when they arrived. It's just so hard to keep everyone under control and taken care of when you have millions of people sneaking in every year. I think that it really depends on how you go about trying to get into America.
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@stewmoo (22)
• South Korea
13 Feb 08
hi there, I'm kind of in the same "boat" I'm British and I wantto move and settle in the US, but I don't want to become a US citizen. Just dont know where to start.......
@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
23 Mar 07
ut truly is sad. a perverse contradiction. whay is it so easy for someone dishonest to live here illegaly but so rediculously difficult for someone honets to live here legaly? it discourages so many people. people that could be a genuine asset to our nation.