Subject: Try Your Best To Be Your Best——Olympic spirit as I see it

@bljl520 (148)
March 23, 2007 10:14pm CST
Try Your Best To Be Your Best ——Olympic spirit as I see it The Olympic Games, held every four years, is a grand international multi-event sports festival participated by thousands of athletes and cheered by billions of spectators. And the spirit it embodies reflects the common values shared by all mankind, which I think can be boiled down as three qualities, namely, equity, aspiration and endeavor, which in return can be concentrated into one sentence: try your best to be your best. The first implication of “try your best to be your best” focuses on “your best”, which means whatever event you participate, you have to perform it through your own strength, and your are not supposed to do anything out of line. The idea of sportsmanship or fair-play advocated in Olympic Games is just the other expression of equity, and it is this common acknowledged quality that sets all athletes on an equal foot and complete with their OWN efforts. And then comes the quality of aspiration, which finds its expression in “to be your best” of the aforesaid sentence, and it is a cognitive actualization of the athlete's “higher self” in his head and serves as a direction pointer that channels his energy into the creating of that “higher self”. The Olympic games have varied events, and it provides opportunities for all individuals based on their different talents and inspirations. And this also reflects a respect of individuality. The third quality is endeavor, the force that brings possibility into reality. In correspondence with this quality is “try” in the thesis sentence. This “try” quality is the essence that renders the Olympic Games an unfailing charm and makes it irresistibly fascinating, and it is in the constant “trying” by generations of athletes that a record after another is broken or created, showing human’s amazing potentiality. The Olympic spirit gives power to the athlete and the same holds true for every other individual.
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